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Friday, May 15, 2015

Two Guys and a Plane

Friday's Fabulous Flyers!

Adrian and Jonathan

Adrian and Jonathan flew the trip of a lifetime... a complete circuit of the continental United States under visual flight rules (VFR) in a 1975 Cessna 172 starting in San Jose California!
Planning to fly VFR around the US... might have needed some help from Mother Nature...

Learn how the trip came about in Episode 1 from their video blog series, and then follow their journey in subsequent episodes. The videos capture all the things people love about flying, as well as the challenges, triumphs, and sheer beauty of this country...

From New York to...

Roswell to...

 Victorville and beyond....

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. This is awesome, and beautiful! Kind of makes me want to fly around the US.

    1. Me too! The best kind of flying there is!!! Thanks for the comment!

  2. This is an awesome trip; I'm dying to do something like this one day. Awesome job guys!


    1. Swayne, I have no doubt you will! And... you must stop in Seattle. Great to hear from you! Busy with the end of school and preparing for the next big event! Looking forward to meeting you in person one day!


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