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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Turbo, the Flying Dog!

Turbo wants nothing more than to leave his boring life at the pound behind.

Turbo is excited when he discovers his wish is coming true. He is being adopted! But when he learns he will have to take a plane to his new home he becomes scared. His fear grows worse when another dog tells him the plane is a big metal machine that makes loud noises in the sky. However, with the help of his new family, Turbo overcomes his fear and climbs aboard the plane. Faced with the noises and bumps of the airplane ride, he reaches for the control yoke and realizes he loves flying. 

Turbo the Flying Dog is a light hearted adventure series focusing on family, and overcoming ones fears. Written for ages four to eight. General aviation, animal rescue, and diversity are reoccurring themes.

You may contact Turbo's writers at:

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Coming the 2014 holiday season! 

Who is behind this book?
My friend Victoria Neuville.

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  1. I love this!!! Turbo is cute and can't wait for Victoria's post. This reminds me of the organization "Pilots N Paws" to whom I would love to fly for


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