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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's All About the Resolutions...

Each year we flop, jump, and sometimes stumble to the new year...but if we're lucky, we make it.

2013 has been a health challenge for many friends and family. I have had one too many friends lose a loved one, there have been one too many illnesses, and far too many surgeries close to home. They say, "put on your oxygen mask first" for a reason. So you can be alive to help others. This year has taken a toll. Maybe I'm not as young as I once was and don't bounce as well. But whatever the reason, it's never too late to take care of yourself first.

Health Resolutions: 
  • Exercise Daily. To include Cardio, weights, Core training and Yoga.
  • Give up Sugar. Did it before, can do it again.
  • Meditate daily. 
  • Drink 64 ounces of water a day. 
  • Laugh loud and hard and often. 
  • Down time. This could have a section all its own, but the point is... I need this for my health. I am scheduling 2 days (48 hours per month) that I am not allowed to get on my computer. No email. No social media. No Twitter. No Facebook. No writing. No electronics. 

Family Resolutions:
  • Golf with my husband this year.
  • Visit my out of town grandkids and have a sleep over with the Seattle babies once a month.
The fact the kids live in "three" different states poses a challenge. But nothing that can't be planned with a little organization. Commuting to work if I get trips out of Atlanta works for Austin. And renting a plane to fly to Bend once a month could be fun. If there is anyone in Seattle who wants to build hours and would like me to pay for the plane... let me know.

  • Get my Glider Rating!
  • OSHKOSH... I'm coming...

  • Do well on my GRE in January.
  • Get into Graduate school at Embry Riddle. 
Granted, one is contingent upon the other... but I'm going to do my best to fill all the squares before February 1st and hopefully they will accept my application. 

Bring to Publication:

What is a resolution? A goal we intend on accomplishing. Here you go. It's a huge undertaking, but I think I can do it. I know I can. I know I can. I know...
  • Flight For Safety: No brainer... It's done! Now we just need to get a great cover and it's ready to go. I've got a group of exceptional readers who will endorse. It's worth the wait!
  • Flight for Success: Motivation book. 
  • A330 Study Guide(s): I've got to study for better time to put my notes to print. 
  • Flight For Survival: Book three in the series...I will have the first draft done before I start graduate school.
  • Two of my three movies will be in screen play format by the end of the year!  
  • Two of my children's books. Can I do it? We'll see. 
Besides... when I start graduate school I will be a little busy. I have so much to get done.

Happy New Year!

I'm starting out the year right... on my way to Atlanta for my first trip of the year!

More important than that...

Today my 7th grandchild, 4th granddaughter, is on her way! My daughter went to the hospital last night, and she is known for long labor. I will be in motion for few days... but will post photos soon. 

UPDATE: At 0143 New Years Day Hayden Mae Wogen made her grand entrance into the world. Join me in welcoming our newest addition to the family. 


What are your New Year's Resolution(s)?

I challenge you to leave at least one below. Next Year... December 31st 2014 I will post them all and we'll see how well we did. Three people who accomplishes their Resolutions will receive a free copy of whatever book they want! I'll choose those who did something spectacular!

Today's New Year's Resolutions is this month's Blogging In Formation topic.

We have a new line up... please welcome Captain Mark L. Berry! He is the author of two novels and a just-released, MUST-READ memoir, "13,760 Feet." He is also a Contributing Editor of Airways Magazine. We are also doubling up on the days we post.

Today, Andrew Hartley at Smart Flight Training will post his resolutions too.

Jan. 2: House of Rapp - Ron Rap and Adventures of Cap’n Aux - Eric Auxier will post theirs.

Jan. 3: iFLYblog - Brent Owens and Mark L. Berry!
Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. Karlene,

    I have two resolutions for the year.

    1. Complete my novel and start shopping it around.
    2. Not to make any more resolutions.

    Hope all goes well with number 7 and mom. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Rob!!! Photo op update. :) Okay... finish that novel! I'll check back this time next year! Happy New Year!

  2. So no slowing down for you in 2014, I'd say!

    Forward Ever, Backward Never!

    Karlene - you are an inspiration to me! Please let me know if I can help you reach your goals for 2014 in any way!


    1. Andrew... You are so sweet! Oh... yes, I need help in the form of a personal assistant! You're on. :) Happy New Year to you too! Coming to your blog next. On a plane heading to work. We had a baby this morning. Photo update!

  3. "Put on your oxygen mask first"--mighty sage words, Ms. Petitt!

    Downtime--yes! Even bodybuilders need a rest day each week to allow the muscles to fully recover.

    Thanks for the ideas...we could all do with a boost in health!

    Happy flying in 2014!

    1. Yes... health boost... or kick in the butt! I am seriously doing it. Workout today was with a 40 lb toddler... squats and lifting him 40 reps. Busy day and didn't make the gym...but we did crunches too. :)

  4. PS--And most important of all: schedule more time for your family and grandkids!!

  5. Great resolutions Karlene! I'm doing the same on my diet (less sugar, can't get to no sugar just yet) and daily mediation.

    I love the glider rating idea! Maybe 2015 for me on that one.

    Great stuff coming from you next year as far as publications - I can't wait!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year Brent. Thank you! Yes... I have to do "no" because less and more are ambiguous in my world. lol. I can abstain. It's kind of like teaching myself discipline. A good exercise for the year.

  6. Hello
    I also have a few resolutions for 2014.
    At First, I would like to finish my 737 flight simulator.
    I continue to hope that my family and I all stay healthy. If everything goes well, I will Start my ATPL Training. And now all the best to all of you and also you Karlene.

    1. Your resolutions are great!!! I will be checking next year to see how you did! I hope they all come true! Happy New Year!!!

  7. Hayden is beautiful! Welcome to the world little one! As for my resolutions, two of my biggest ones are to spend more time soaking in life and to finish my greatest novel yet.

    1. Thank you so much Heather! I love your New Years resolution. I know you'll do it. And then there will be another.

  8. Oshkosh is on my list too Karlene!

    Here's hoping that the planets....and annual leave....can align.

    Happy New Year!



    1. Happy New Year's Owen!!! I think the planets are aligning! :)

  9. Great post!
    And a very Happy New Year to you Karlene, your family, as well as all your blog readers.

    My one New Year's resolution this year, is to put myself first. I need to be happy with me, before I can be happy with others :) I think it's very important to start taking care of ourselves, as we always seem to struggle to please everybody else. Of course, we have to be there for each other, but we can't forget to take care of our selves :)

    btw; new Twitter handle! @cecebg_ is me now :)

    1. Happy New Year Cecilie, I LOVE that resolution!!! I keep telling myself that too. I keep trying. But sometimes we get pulled too many directions. If there is anything I can do to help you stick to it! Let me know.

  10. Days late, WELCOME, Ms. Hayden Mae! No reply necessary grandma, just A big fat welcome to Hayed Mae! She may not know it yet, but with grandma's help, she has an impressive world a head of her. With loving parents and grand parents to support and encourage, What a wonderful, clean slate. And is she cute? Newborns are generally not quite ready for the camera, but this little girl is just plain CUTE. Good work folks!! -C.

    1. Thank you so much Craig. She is just a cutie for sure. And yes... a great life is waiting for her.


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