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Thursday, April 12, 2018

When Sex was Safe, but Aviation Dangerous

Maverick Boeing 707 operations

This week I connected with a Tower Pilot---Rusty! He's got an incredible story (actually many storiess) which was highlighted by his good fortune of being unemployed by Tower. But... more on Rusty this Friday. 

He sent me a link to a story on the Maverick Boeing 707 that was authored by his son, Toby.  An interesting and fun read....

Bombing Moscow

By Toby Aimer

Before the fundamentalist Muslim Iranian revolution in 1979, the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was looking to beef up ranching in his kingdom and willing to pay top dollar to anyone who would deliver quality livestock. This was a business opportunity not to miss.

In 1977, Santa Barbara pilot, a Canadian and an American businessman came up with the idea to specialize in transporting inseminated cows to Iran. The pitot had a burning ambition to own an airline and the Canadian businessman had the contacts to procure the livestock. They found a Californian rancher and land owner to invest in their company named Maverick International Airlines and financing to lease Boeing 707 jets from a broker..... 

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  1. Took a peek at Rusty's website: Cows on a jet...
    No line up for the lavatory. :) Ahem.

    1. Haha... and nothing smellier than cows... other than Pigs. Maybe. :)


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