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Friday, June 2, 2017


New Instructor Station


Friday's Fabulous Flyer! 

My friend Nicolas Jackson continues to share the gift of flight. This week he interviewed Andreas on his new instructor station. (Interview link at the end of post). Andreas says, "FS-FlightControl is meant as serious and professional software product which is not only used by many flight enthusiasts at home, but also by several flight training centers for pilot procedure training world-wide."

Today's focus is on FS-FlightControl more so than the person behind it, because Andreas believes that its all about the team in creation, support, and longevity. He is not a one man show, and thus the reason for FS-FlightControl success. 

FS-FlightControl is a new 
touch optimized instructor station f
or Prepar3D, FSX, FSW
and soon also X-Plane.

Overview about the wide range of program features:
  • Easy aircraft positioning on approaches and other custom locations. 
  • Real-time moving map with detailed overlays including VATSIM, IVAO and PilotEdge support. 
  • ProSim, Project Magenta and Aerosoft Airbus enabled flight planning. 
  • Weather condition control including real-time-weather. 
  • Full aircraft pushback control. 
  • A fuel and load manager. 
  • Control over aircraft views and slew mode. 
  • A failure system with ProSim, JeeHell and Project Magenta support including random failures. 
  • Extensive aircraft overview with all your aircraft data and TCAS feature. 
  • Aircraft and approach statistics and graphs including Google Earth export. 
  • Detailed remote control options for all your network computers. 
  • Comprehensive configuration options. 

FS-FlightControl is free to try for 14 days!

On the download page there is 
beside the Windows program 
also an Android and iOS app available.

“FS-FlightControl is developed by AB-Tools GmbH, a company based in Germany and owned by Andreas Breitschopp who is himself a software consultant and developer for many years. Andreas and his team of developers are dedicated to build the best and most professional aviation software products with the Instructor Station product FS-FlightControl being the main focus for the past years.”

A detailed overview about all features 

An online manual is available as well.

Follow FS-Flight Control on

Join the Andreas Interview by 
Clicking HERE
(20 minutes in length)
Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

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