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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Air Traffic Control Initiative

What The People are Saying... 

Airport Operations in  Majuro "MAJ"

"The President’s push for ATC privatization continues to generate resistance. President Trump's latest push for ATC privatization is still mostly being met with resistance from aviation industry officials. , President Trump introduced his Air Traffic Control Reform Initiative at the White House on Monday and outlined a vague plan to usher in a “great new era in American aviation.” He claimed that taking the existing “ancient, broken, antiquated, horrible” 

Power of the Tower in Amsterdam

"ATC system away from the FAA and putting it in the hands of a nonprofit entity will make air travel better for the nation, and also create a new system that will be much better than any other country’s ATC. “Ours is going to top it by a lot,” Trump said. Responses from major aviation groups were swift and blunt from the moment Trump wrapped his speech. As it has been since the administration’s budget was first proposed, the reaction was once again mostly negative. While many officials and experts remain open to new ideas and proposals, especially in regard to job creation and the modernization of infrastructure, the strongest push back concerns the idea of user fees for general aviation." By Ashley Burns June 6, 2017


Guests: Doug Church, Director of Communications with NATCA (National Air Traffic Control Association in DCA) and Jeff Lewis retired air traffic controller.  

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