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Sunday, May 3, 2015

May The 4th Be With You

Chicago to Seattle!

This morning will begin with an 0530 wake up (0330 PDT) and a flight back to Seattle. A fabulous time had by all in the Windy City! And an upgrade to First Class for my birthday present.

Derby Day at Arlington Park 
we met a great group of people! 

What were the odds that we would be seated with a woman working on her dissertation for her PhD in Leadership? Another couple who is truly enjoying the journey, as they are traveling the US visiting every state! And the twin sisters, who were not originally at our table, but through another twist of fate ended up joining the group and so glad they did. Gio taught me the art of celebrating the hat! 

And then off to Aviation Universe for a talk, book signing, pizza, and the simple net radio broadcast. What a fun night with the great folks at Aviation Universe, and as always, chatting with Marc at Simple Flight Radio was a blast!

Thank You
Lora and Richard 
for the great hospitality 

And the birthday cake too!

It's officially my birthday and time for a nap before I fly. So for all... remember life is short, maybe we should learn to eat the cake first!

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene


  1. What a great weekend! But didn't you fly back on the wrong airline? :)

    1. Yes, it was a great weekend! Alaska is a perfect airline from Chicago to Seattle. Non-stop no less! And.... they even like when I post photos of their planes!

  2. Karlene san!!!!
    Happy Birthday to you. I wish I could celebrate your birthday in Chicago too!! May your new year will be filled with happiness with amazing family.

    warm regards,


    1. Jun, Thank you so much! I'm thinking the New Year will be filled with wonderful things and I hope you can join us in Seattle again!

  3. Good seeing you again at was CDG trip?

    I 'missed' the fire in Rome by 12 hours...(smile)

    Tim (8dme West of ORD)

    1. Tim, it was great seeing you too! And THANK YOU so much for the ever classic notepad! So glad you missed the fire, too. I just returned from Paris... no fires there.


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