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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Be The Captain Of Your Life

This young lady is the captain of hers: 

I will take all that I have learned from your book and from the conversations we had and apply it to my life. I have gained and absorbed so much and will continue rereading over and over again to always remember that the possibilities are endless and dreams do come true. 
"There are many things that I have learned number one being to believe in myself when everyone else don't and that includes family, friends, and everyone else in general. And fear is inevitable and I can't ever get away from it. I am still at a point of finding my true passion and my niche in life. What I wanted to do in the past was not what I envision doing now. I am just confused. 
 I just need not to be afraid to get out and try new and different things and who knows where I'll land. 
I know I will eventually encounter hardships, obstacles, and rejections of all kind. Every successful person has a history to tell. And even if my experiences slams in the face and brutally hurts my emotions, I must get up in the face of adversity and keep moving forward, keep doing and taking action because years down the road I'll regret never having tried and never accomplishing what I have always wanted to accomplish in my life because I did that to myself which is let the enemy--fear--conquer my life. I must admit that I was someone who used to live up to other's expectations and never caring about mine, but I realized now that it's not worth it and that I can't please everyone on this planet. I must look within myself and embrace my uniqueness and individuality. I think we all should."
Enjoy the Journey!
And remember... life is what you make of it!  
XO Karlene  

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