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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Live In the Moment...

Means Loving Today... 

The 2015 WAI conference was a huge success!

4500 talented, educated, and passionate people searching for their dreams came together with hope and aspirations of shifting their life to a flight level higher than their current altitude. But the reality is, we are all living our dreams... today. 

When you live your life with passion, commitment and contentment in the moment.... wherever you are.... life will expand tenfold. Life will present more opportunities filled with challenges to learn, grow, and prepare you for the future.

You will achieve tomorrow's dreams 
by loving your life today. 

Through  journey of 8 airlines, I have always loved where I was at the time. I enjoyed each job with all the challenges, and did the best I could at the time. I wanted more, but I embraced the present as the gift it was meant to be.

Challenges build your greatest strengths, 
and joy in life is what you make 
with what you have today. 
Not what you will have tomorrow. 

Tomorrow will come, but no matter what success you achieve, happiness only comes when you live in the moment and enjoy today. For those who are disgruntled about their lives and jobs today, I suspect they were disgruntled along the journey too. They always thought tomorrow would be better... When I have a bigger house, a better job, more seniority, more money, a better plane...then I will be happy...

You must be happy today.

You must learn to be happy today, 
To find happiness tomorrow.

Live in the moment, and love today. Tomorrow will come. But only if you learn to love today, will you love and appreciate the success you worked so hard to create. Love life today and Fly it Forward.

Be The Captain of Your Life! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Yes, we definitely must learn to be happy today, in order to be happy tomorrow. I like that quote. I was able to get out yesterday with sunny skies and a high of 40, which has been rare around here. It's the little things in life that make us happy just as much as the big things. For that, we must appreciate everything we have. Thank you so much for a great post and I wish I was there! Looking forward AU in Chicago, please God!

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much for the great comment Jeremy. It's so true... we must live and love our moments. This might be all we have. Tomorrow will bring more challenges and greater burdens. If we can't enjoy the small ones today, how can do deal with tomorrow? I will see you at AU in Chicago!!!!! Looking forward to it!

  2. George Lucas, while speaking to a graduation class, said some things that correlate with your post.

    And, you know of what you speak, Karlene. You've had bad
    days, too.

    1. George Lucas is a wise man! We must listen. lol. I would love to hear that. Yes... the challenges are many, but they make us who we are. Thank you for the comment!


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