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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Be The Captain of Your Life

It's amazing when you can make a difference in a person's life by sharing part of yours...
From a Reader...
"By reading a book for the first time in many years, probably since leaving school, I have realized that we all have an inspiring story to tell. It's by way of different things such as, achievements, ambitions, dreams, tragedy and success. I've realized this by reading and talking to you. I have idolized pilots and wished I was flying over Europe many time's. So much we all have in common without realizing it. You a pilot, author, mother, have achieved so much as I have. Husband, father, supervisor these are also a life honor. Battle with health, worry, fear, anxiety is all so normal but it's how we face it. Even down to our children. My daughter had problems as a small child and faced operations which was so scary. Your daughter has had much bigger hurdles to face, but no doubt a chip of the old block and battled on. 
I am actually thinking I have already achieved my dream. I met the women of my dreams and we married 18 years ago. She is my world although turbulent at times we are happier than ever. Equally both my children, they are amazing. We follow a routine almost all the time which has set the all important foundation for them to build on. Holly a doctor, James a pilot we will wait and see. I just hope they stay safe, well and fundamentally happy through their long and prosperous lives.

I lost my Mum in a car accident when I was 17. That was a tough time for me. My Dad was in hospital for weeks fighting for his life and many times he was touch and go. He fought through defying medical possibilities and came out the other side. He is a religious man and kept his faith and the church helped him carry on. I'm not a big fan of religion but a firm believer if it helps the individual then Godspeed to you. If God is real and we go somewhere else I hope he can forgive me.

This brings me on to time. I believe that fate does map out a big part of our lives. We can change fate, agreed and beat the negatives by ways of positivity. That's how the Flight To Success can influence your state of mind. The biggest thing with time is its power to heal. Injury, bereavement, failure, whatever with time you can recover from anything. Patience is also a time form. I always say, be patient and good things will come. You can't become a pilot or a transport supervisor overnight. Do your job right, gain respect, learn from your mistakes and a new thing for me is listen properly. These are done using time efficiently.

I recently achieved something small, but to me amazing. I have never been renowned as a letter writer and my punctuality is probably a little week. When I sent you that first email and you put it on your blog, I read it today. I'm stunned by the response of yourself and others who have commented. I've wondered if anyone else in the world has read it and passed it on at their dinner table. You know what, I feel amazing and surprised, how the hell must you feel writing a book. We even got a pilots comment which you have seen.

Another good point in the book is lying. I thought about it and I lie all the time. This is more at work, keeping the piece with customers and staff. Phone rings and its a customer, wheres our order, reply, its on its way, with the driver stood next to me. Its more like a form of stretching the truth. I imagine its like a pilot running short on fuel and informing passengers that he's diverting because of a slight technical problem. Keeping the piece sometimes warrants a little bent truth and I suppose may turn to your advantage. I wonder how many times your husband has stretched the truth when you're away. Just like me don't worry...

Congratulations on a fabulous book which has inspired me to write this to a person I have never met."

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. Congrats on such great feedback on an excellent book, Karlene. Well deserved!

    1. Heather, Thank you so much!! And always for your support, and comments.

  2. Very heart touching.

    I like the key bit; "Do your job right, gain respect, learn from your mistakes and ... listen properly.”

    Very true. I also see the key value in perseverance. The best medicine against prejudice.

    Have a nice April Fools Day.


    1. Libor, Thank you so much for the comment. Very heart warming for sure. This is what makes writing worth it. And perseverance is such an important aspect of success!


    17? My goodness... that was VERY young.

    Why not learn about flying? You may not want to
    ACTUALLY fly, but... a good book, or the internet
    can be an adventure in itself!

    LYING: Good point. We all do it, sometimes...
    without thinking. Another word for it? DIPLOMACY!

    1. Paul, I love your comments. Thank you!!!


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