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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

B52s Karma and Compromises

Musings on Life Lessons and Laughter:

By: Tom Roush:

"My dad was stationed at Castle Air Force Base in Merced, California in 1967, where the 93rd Bombardment Group was based. The 93rd at the time flew B-52’s, and they trained pilots and crews both in the planes and with simulators. They did this 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When they weren’t flying the airplanes, these pilots and crews were in the simulators, practicing.

And my dad fixed those simulators.

A few hours north of Merced is Santa Rosa, where dad’s mom and stepdad lived. Dad’s stepdad, we’ll call him “Grampa Bill” fancied himself to be an artist and photographer. This is a point that could be argued pretty heavily. And, it turns out, when dad and mom were a young couple and dad was stationed elsewhere, Grampa Bill wanted to take some photographs of mom that could at the very least be described as ‘inappropriate’. 
I won’t go into any more detail other than to say that when dad found out, he stormed in to see his commander and asked if he could have some leave so that he could go pour a goodly amount of chlorine into the gene pool. His commander declined the request, but sent someone to check on mom. She was fine, but that incident cemented the relationship between dad and Grampa Bill into something very, very simple: Dad hated Grampa Bill, with a passion. And honestly, as I see it, he was right.

Now it’s not that he could have done anything about it overtly, but as the years went by — well, you’ve likely found out at some point in your life, there is this thing that’s known by several names…

Some call it “The Golden Rule”,

Some call it “What goes around, comes around.”

And some call it “Karma.”

And when you find yourself watching, almost from the outside,

…how “The Golden Rule” is turning things toward you,

…and you find that things that have gone around are coming around,

…or, put another way, watching Karma setting up a situation for you – whatever you call it, it’salmost impossible not to smile.

Such was the case with dad and Grampa Bill.

Dad worked with or near airplanes.

Grampa Bill wanted to take pictures of airplanes.

More specifically, he wanted to take a picture of a B-52, taking off.

…and dad could make that happen.
And this is where the story begins.... 
To read more... check out Tom Roush's Blog. Amazing.

Enjoy the Journey!!
XOX  Karlene


  1. The most MASCULINE story ever told!! :)))

    Of course, the core of the story is the bond between a
    husband & wife. Happened to be listening [on Internet]
    to "Invisible Tears", by the Ray Conniff Singers, while
    reading. It sets the mood... :))

    1. Lol... Yes... one for the boys! And Ray Conniff would definitely set the mood. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Love it! Found Tom's blog and read the rest of the story. For a good laugh, your readers should do so as well. Paying it Forward is a wonderful thing, but be careful just what you pay. and yes, a B-52 can cause a 'both' event, picture or not. Hilarious. Thanks, Karlene,
    of Cedarglen

    1. Thanks for the comment Craig. I knew you would appreciate the rest of the story. I got to host the teaser! So glad you enjoyed it!

  3. The mighty B-52, still an awesome sight

  4. The B-52.. I am not as much into military aircraft as I am commercial, but I will say that, along with the B-29, the 52 is one of the most awesome and state of the art planes, ever. Being that one of my other passions oddly enough is nuclear energy, I would watch the B-52 on the Discovery Channel with Dad as it dropped test H-Bombs. (But then, H-Bombs went into ICBMs and that's where my dad's role in the USAF SAC came in putting our link together into the chain.)

    Overall, there is one thing I love watching out of all aircraft, is watching the 52 take off and land at nose/frontal view.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jeremy. A special moment for you and your Dad. Seriously, it's those links that connect it all together. Such an amazing plane. Maybe one day we shall fly one.


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