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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Most Valuable Commodity

“Time is what we want most, 
but what we use worst.”
- William Penn 

Time Flies...use it wisely!
Have you ever wondered why some people create phenomenal success, while others blame the lack of time on their inability to achieve their dreams? We’ve heard it all—I don’t have time. I wish I had the time. I’ll do it tomorrow. If only I had time. Someday I’ll go back to school. Someday I’ll take flying lessons. Someday I’ll visit my friend. Someday I’ll write a book.
Did you know that a flight to someday 
lands at an airport called nowhere? 
This is the place where tomorrow never comes. When you wake up, tomorrow is always a day away. Most everyone on this flight carries their baggage on board—the stories of why they don’t have time.

The reality is, time is the only thing that we all have in common. Everyone has exactly 7-days in a week, 24-hours in a day, 60-minutes in an hour, and 60-seconds in a minute. It’s not the lack of time, but how we use it that counts. 
It's the stories we create about lack of time that sabotage our success. 
What stories are you telling yourself that is stopping you from reaching your dreams?

You own 24-hours a day, what will you do with them? A secret to success is finding, making, and creating time. 
You have the power and the time 
to achieve your dreams!
Enjoy the journey!
XO Karlene  


  1. I was thinking about this subject today in my timeline for my flight ratings. Time does definitely fly... but we are the pilots/captains!

    1. Jeremy, when the time line feels shorter than what you need to accomplish, just put it on paper...figure out how to make it work and go for it! I know you can do it.

  2. Great post Karlene! That is a lot of we professional pilots provide - time. Our machines are time machines of sorts and they give people a way to get where they want to go timely.

    For those who are struggling with the time it takes to chase their dreams, I would echo your sentiment that everyone is allotted the same amount of time and it's up to us to make it happen.

    1. Thank you Brent! People have often asked me how I get so much done. I schedule it and do it.

      Sometimes you'll find me up at 3 am working on a project. Or studying on a plane to see the grandkids. But I suspect if we want it bad enough, we can do it.

      Most importantly... I love our time machines!!!

  3. Wondering whether it partially also depends how "believable" one's goal is. I always loved flying and becoming a pilot. In Iran, it felt so impossible that it was so difficult to sacrifice lots of time and resources to achieve it. When I came to UK and it seems as an achievable goal, I put all the money and time I could to get a pilot license and fly! Afterwards, I learned to try to convince myself that my dreams are achievable (not impossible), then it is much easier to plan and devote time and money on it.

    1. Yes Mona, belief it a powerful motivator. You must believe. When you do... it makes the effort so much easier. There are days doubt will sneak in, but try not to listen to that part. Just brush it aside and fly! Thank you so much for the comment!


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