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Friday, January 3, 2014

Learn To Fly

In Paradise at

Asian Academy of Aeronautics, A flight school in the Maldives. Flying and paradise? Sounds great to me! The school has changed hands since this posted, but I checked out the link and the school is still there!

Being that Maldives is tropical country, located near the equator, they do not have seasons. The weather is more or less clear with blue skies year around. What could be better than that?

"We built the school investing heavily in its facilities (state of the are lecture rooms, 4 star accommodation, etc). We operate 7 training aircraft and have accommodation facilities for 46 students. Currently we have 13.

We are trying to diversify into different markets. This isn’t an issue as many students obtain their CPL with us and being ICAO recognized they are able to convert it back in their home country (usually all it requires is Air Law and a flight test)."

What Students Receive:
  • A Commercial Pilots License (with IR and MER)
  • Stamped with Frozen ATPL. 
  • This license is issued by the Maldivian Civil Aviation Department (the governing body of aviation in Maldives).
  •  5 C150 
  • 1 C172-RG 
  • 1 Piper Seneca
  • We are the only flying school in the Maldives therefore we are a direct feeder of First Officers into the local carriers.
  • We carry out all kinds of training from ab-initio, PPL, CPL, instructor-ratings, IR, MER and also provide ground theory upto Frozen ATPL
  • What makes us special is the location. Maldives is one of the most relaxed destinations in the world and rated to have one of the most beautiful, clear and calm beaches. A peaceful time on an Island with blue skies, good weather and learning to dive is an amazing experience while flight training or hour building.
  •  Students can learn to dive while in Maldives. 
Check out the photos on the   

The New year might be time for a new adventures. Why not learn to fly in the Maldives

 If you have any questions...
email Imran Jeevunjee at 


Enjoy the Journey! I hope it carries you to the Maldives...
XO Karlene


  1. Ha! I love it!

    Almost a resort... Pretty epic. :)


    1. Yes... we should get a group and go all together! That would be fun.

  2. Replies
    1. I believe it's a meeting of all the written requirements, but not the flight hours. Kind of backwards. Instead of starting your ATP after you have 1500 hours... you do the preliminary work first... then get the hours after, ending up at the same place.

  3. That looks like a good hook to get myself current. I know I have been missing in action. Who knows may check into it later.

    1. Judy, what a great idea! I wonder if they have a recurrent program. I would go too! Thanks for the comment and the great idea!

  4. Wow! Do they do hour building packages? I would love to find out if they do to build my hours in the 152 for CPL requirement.

    1. That would be awesome. I'm heading to Osaka... back on in 14 hours. Hopefully we'll have an answer then!

  5. It says "Learn to dive" but the picture shows a bunch of sharks...

    1. Ahhhh Geoff... a few little sharks never scare divers off. lol. I pulled that photo from the internet. No worries. Diving facilities won't intentionally dive with the sharks. But whenever you're in an ocean...they're there.

  6. It's so beautiful there! What a wonderful place to have an academy!

    1. I know. We should have a retreat in a place like.

  7. I should go do my training there... completely jealous of those students. What an amazing life. That's pretty much my aviation heaven.

    Karlene, we should get a bunch of pilots to take trip somewhere like that one day for some flying adventures.


    1. It looks like aviation heaven to me too! I think we should go there. This would be great fun!!

  8. Hi Karlene, please would you be kind enough to remove my name from this website. I am not the owner of AAA anymore.


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