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Friday, January 10, 2014

Kevin Pereira

Fridays Fabulous Flyer


Kevin—a pilot and serial entrepreneur is flying strong into the new year. His plans for 2014 are to travel while building his aviation classified site:

Back up a bit. Serial entrepreneur? Yes, Kevin is an idea man with the ability to follow through. He told me he’s had his share of business project failures in the past, but the education he received in the process has brought him to where he is today. He understands how to harness perseverance and innovation to create successful, meaningful companies that are about much more than turning a profit.

After selling his business, an online booking maid service company, he set his eyes toward his passion—the aviation industry.

Kevin became a pilot at 17, and was an aviation lover for the 17 years before that. He plans on entering the online media sector of the aviation industry using “beautiful design, with easy to use user interfaces, and fun and engaging social media tactics to create a more unified, organized, and powerful aviation community.” Sounds great to me!

While the competition is stiff and there are many online aviation classifieds sites that are already established, Kevin took the challenge head on. What happened within a matter of months, Browse The Ramp began to dominate the social media side of the industry. Kevin’s Facebook page has 20,411 likes! And in the first month of his website being live, saw over 15,000 unique visitors and tens of thousands of page views.

Kevin says, “Thank you all for your support, views, likes, comments and kindness that I have received within the Aviation Community with my venture.”

You can email Kevin at

I love seeing the creative spirit, especially in pilots, and hope Kevin makes a great success of this venture! Please join me in wishing Kevin the best of luck in his business and make sure you check out Browse The Ramp.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I think the luck is in the wind on this one because of the hard work and ingenuity behind it!

  2. I just had coffee with Kevin the other day! Turns out we are almost neighbors...

    1. This is such a small world! And aviation makes it that much smaller!

  3. Good luck with your projects Kevin! I'm sure you will be successful this time!

    1. Thank you so much for you comment! I know he will be successful. He's somebody who doesn't quit, and not afraid to keep moving forward.

  4. Ahhh, I've seen around the neighborhood! Such a great story. Good luck to Kevin and thank you, Karlene for featuring him! Will follow and browse around for sure!


    1. Thanks for dropping by Jeremy! I wish him the best of luck too! Word is out about him.

  5. Thanks everyone for all the kind comments and a big thanks to Karlene!


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