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Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Motivation: Celebrate

"I know that today is special and
unlike any other. With this acceptance
- let me celebrate all that this day has
to offer."
~ Eleesha

Happy Labor Day America! The first Monday in September (today) is the time to celebrate American workers. I suggest we celebrate all World Workers, too.

While we're not sure who proposed this holiday in 1812, we do know that just five years later Oregon was the first state to actually make it a holiday. Not until 1894 did the First Monday in September become a Federal Holiday.

There you have it—all I know about Labor Day. Other than this is the last hoorah before summers end, and we all go back to work. Unless you have a job in the Airlines. Then you work on all holidays, Federal or not.

Fortunately I had the weekend off. But today is the day I’m traveling back to the states after the great Cyprus adventure, to start reserve on the 5th. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

Make sure you remember to celebrate every moment. Life is what you make it, and sometimes it's cut too short, and you never know when your life plans can be altered. 

My middle daughter Kayla has been in Cyprus studying piggy hippo bones as she finishes her Ph.D.  But seven years ago, after she was paralyzed during back surgery, she was told she'd probably never walk again. She didn't believe it. Now she celebrates every day of her life. You should too.


Babysitting in Cyprus wasn't all work. We did play a little bit, too. Beach on Friday and Water Park  on Saturday.

How did you celebrate your summer’s end?
What! Summer is over? 

Enjoy The Journey!


  1. Awesome! Those littleones must have had the time of their life, having granny and grandpa around for almost a week!
    And in such a beautiful environment with beautiful weather too.
    Have a safe flight back to the States!
    Summer is defifnitely over now... Sad.

  2. I'll pose my question that I do every summers end, "Summer? What summer?" it seems that summer goes by so fast we don't even notice it. I must admit I did enjoy my summer days running in the park, tennis, but now I have to mentally and spiritually prepare myself to face the fall ahead. Have a safe trip back home and so much to look forward to the fall.. And yes I am plotting and planning as we speak :-)

  3. Happy Labor Day!

    I went for a swim in the ocean (yes, Norway..) and took my dog for a hike as well. I love the fall, so I'm not really bothered that summer is over. :) Have a safe trip home!

    Oh, and Cyprus looks great :-)

  4. Love the pictures, and the message. It rings so true these days. Have a good flight home, Karlene!


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