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Enter to Win A Boeing 787!

Buy a Book!
    Read a Book!
         Enter to Win a B787 Model! 

In that the world is in lockdown due to Social Distancing, there is no better time than to do some reading. And when you buy one of my novels, or one of my nonfiction books, you get an entry into the drawing to win a  B787 model. Buy five books... get five entries. The more you buy the better chances you have. I'm backdating this to January 1st as well. 

  • Between January 1 2020 and May 4 2020, if you purchase a book off this blog you will receive an entry.
  • If you purchased more than one book off this blog, you will get an entry for each book. 
  • If you purchased an ebook,  send me verification and you will get an entry. More than one ebook... more than one entry. 
  • If you downloaded a free ebook, leave a comment and you will get an entry, but email me a copy of your comment. 
  • If you have Kindle Unlimited read a book, get an entry... more books more entries. 

If you purchased the books off this blog, I have those names and you're entered. However, if you (1) purchase an ebook, (2) read on kindle unlimited, or (3) left a comment on Amazon, please email me to enter you in the drawing or to get that second entry for the Amazon comment at:

Drawing will be held on 
May 4th 2020

Books that qualify: 

  1. Flight For Control
  2. Flight For Safety
  3. Flight For Survival
  4. Flight For Sanity
  5. Flight For Truth
Changing the World one Word at a Time

May the 4th Be With you
And the B787 Model be Yours...

Good Luck!

Enjoy the journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. You know I have ALLL of them on my Kindle :) nnooowwwwwwwww.....just...the next one Karlene :) :) :)

    1. Mark... You're in the drawing many times over. Thank you! I finished Chapter 36 today! Will be here before you know it!

  2. Karlene,

    I downloaded Normalization of Deviance for Kindle free, many thanks to you. I hope this qualifies for the drawing.
    Best regards,


    1. William, email me at so I can have your contact info on the drawing card. Thanks!


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