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Friday, May 11, 2018

Airliner Photos

By an Amazing Photographer

Sebastien Lebrigand

If you want an airliner photo of an astronomical kind, you will want to talk to Sebastien Lebrigand. He is French and lives in crepy-en-valois, 60 km east of Paris. 

At the young age of 43 years, he has 2 children. 1 cat, and a really cool camera! Not to mention an extremely talented eye. 

He begin taking photos about 35 years ago with a case photo (Canon) eos 500D in 2010. He said the small sensors allow for a smaller field (swelling). At present he uses the (Canon) eos 60D. He has been doing Astrophotography for about 15 years. 

A‌stronomical Refractor 102 mm diameter lens
Focal : 660 mm
660 X 1.4 extender
Canon eos 60 D 

Astronomical Photography!

He's used an astronomical imaging Camera CCD  for about 6 years specializing in taking photos of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Gulfstream,  and Bombardier in front of the MOON & SUN. His photos are now going around the world. But we all know why! They are gorgeous. 

Hi first photograph with a plane was in 2012 "Air Berlin" and he made $100 for a photo in front of the moon for a magazine. Since then he has sold over  75 photos of planes in front of the Moon, the planets and the sun.

You can find Sebastien at
Twitter : @lebribri 
Google : sebastien lebrigand

Enjoy the Journey and the view!
XO Karlene 


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