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Friday, April 13, 2018

Ross Aimer

Friday's Fabulous Flyer!

Ross Aimer 

"I was basically a lucky 21 year old A&P Mechanic with very little flying experience who got hired as a 707 S/O at my first airline, TWA, in 1965."

Sometimes, there is no such thing as a traditional career in aviation, but a life filled with adventure. Rusty actually flew for more airlines than I have, but we have worn similar uniforms on a couple occasions. The brief synopsis of his career below, makes me think... Those who say they've been lucky and worked for one airline their entire career, I wonder who has been the lucky one. Experience and adventure of an aviator often takes you on many journeys... and if you're lucky, none of them are the same.  

A lifetime of Adventure:

"That TWA job only lasted a couple of years. I then went to Continental and was furloughed again after 2 years. (The old feast or famine cycles of the airline industry!) I went to Iran Air for the next 9 years, and came back before the revolution, and became a non-sked bum.

Cargolux, Lufthansa, Maverick, AeroAmerica, NY Air, Evergreen, Hawaii Express, Tower Air, Cargolux again, and finally United! (There were a few other airlines that hired me in between, but never got off the ground!)

I went to Boeing after age 60 retirement as a 787/777 Instructor Pilots. I flew Phenoms for Jetsuite (FAR-135) for 6 years, till I couldn't take it anymore. Two years ago I got lucky and found this corporate job. My boss hardly ever flies, but he pays me to stay home and surf! (And here I am complaining again!) 

The only reason I still fly is because the United CEO needed my retirement more than I did! A lot of my UA buds are doing the same thing I do because they don't qualify as a Walmart greeter! Well, with 34,000 hours, B-787 /777 /767 /757 /747 /737 /727 /720 /707 /DC-10/-9/-8/ EMB-500... "

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 


  1. Mechanic first? Just like Chuck Yeager! I'll
    bet that helps, in subtle ways...

    1. Yes! He is a man of many talents and many lives... and wish I could have flown with him. And... Yeager too.

  2. Thank you, Dan and Karlene. What an honor to be included in a sentence with Chuck Yeager, let alone in the same class.I wish!


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