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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Pilots Have a Special Air About Them

They Never Stop Flying their Aircraft! 

We are approaching NexGen which is more than modernization of the US Airspace, but also the encroaching reality of the replacement of pilots with automation. A couple weeks ago, at the Women of Aviation Conference, many concerns were voiced on the future of the piloting profession. Will these pilots even have jobs? I'm going to say yes because I am working for the survivability of the profession. 

I'm working on my PhD and gathering data to be an educated voice of reason on behalf of the pilot, passenger safety, and our industry. My research will not be placed on a shelf to gather dust, but used to protected, promote, and further aviation safety and the pilot career. 

Please share the website below
that explains the purpose of the research 
and provides a link to the survey:

Survey Countdown
2 days to go...
Closing on April 7th, 2018! 

Thank You for Making a Difference! 
XO Karlene 

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