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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Key to Success

“Success is not the key to happiness. 
Happiness is the key to success. 
If you love what you are doing, 
you will be successful.” 
Albert Schweitzer

I am proud to announce I have officially earned my B777 type rating! Tomorrow I will venture out on OE (operating experience), and Shanghai will be in my future. While I was in training, I continued to gather data for my research and the survey numbers continue to soar. For those of you who are unfamiliar with why I am gathering data... 

Research Details:

The purpose of this research is to identify the relationships between safety culture, pilot training, aircraft understanding, aviation passion, and the impact of automation usage, in order to identify the root cause of performance issues, beyond pilot error.

To qualify, you must be a commercial pilot (airline, charter, corporate), with a required crew complement of at least two pilots. You may also be retired or between jobs if you were actively employed within the previous calendar year. 

The complete description
 and link to the survey 
can be found at

What is most amazing is the support, encouragement, and emails that I have received from pilots worldwide, and their willingness to help by not only taking the survey, but sharing it with others. Avgeeks who do not qualify have shared it with their friends who do. I've had a union from Spain post it on their site, and APA posted it too. Pilots have posted it on their Facebook pages, shared it on LinkedIn and tweeted it to their connections. Pilots worldwide have shared it with their colleagues. 

While I'm on my trip for the next week, I'm asking for your help to double the survey numbers. The larger the sample the stronger the findings will be. We only have until the end of March, so let's make every day count and run those numbers as high as possible.


Please send the Link 
to all the pilots you know: 

Total Surveys:

Let's double that number. 

Results will be available to everyone. 

Thank you! 

Enjoy the Journey!
XOX Karlene 


  1. That's GREAT, Karlene! 777: so, you're one step away
    from that DREAMLINER I've heard about?

    I noticed that you once flew A330's? AIRBUS.
    I've heard that BOEING & AIRBUS are two VERY
    different animals?

    1. Dan, they are different... but they both fly great! However, I am very happy to be back on the Boeing. And, what a great plane this is!!

  2. Congrats on achieving your B777 type rating!!!
    I feel extremely happy for you!!!

    1. Susan, Thank you so much!! Just having the opportunity was an amazing feat in itself.

  3. Congratulations Karlene!! Your accomplishments are always so inspiring. :)


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