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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Power of the Pilot

Never underestimate 
the Importance of a human!

I am working on my PhD in Aviation Safety, 
Gathering survey Data from commercial pilots:
(Corporate, Charter, Airline)

Survey count: 4460!

I would love to get 5000 
so we have the data to help
keep a balance of human and automation!

I handed out over 800 cards at the Women in Aviation conference (men and women). If all those pilots take the survey, we can break 5000. But, often good intentions get lost in life. We are all busy. But... this only takes 10-15 minutes. 

Please help me with this final week of data collection and ask, once again, those pilots you know if they took the survey and if they could share it with others. You can make a difference! 

Let's never let the following headline hit the airline industry because if it does, it will be catastrophic. 

Thank you for Sharing 
this Website:

The above link explains the 
research and provides a link to the survey. 

Enjoy the Journey!!
XO Karlene

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