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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Promoting Aviation & Safety!

PhD and B777 
Ready for Takeoff! 

I am in the final stretch of the PhD program at ERAU, and data collection is in progress. I have been sending out requests with a link to a one-page website: Petitt Aviation Research that explains the research an hosts a link to the survey. At the time of those messages, I needed 1599 surveys. However, today there is a new goal: 

I now need 4797! 

Why the change? I'm doing Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), followed by Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and then Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). I read a great article that said it's better to use a different data set for EFA and CFA. Under that premise, the research could be strengthened with yet a third data set for the SEM. 

This means more data! 

Photo from Mark Restorick

The great news is, 
I have 2397 surveys complete
Thanks to Pilots who care! 

B777 Training! 

Great news! After a year and a half of waiting, I am finally scheduled for B777 training! I start the simulators February 5th, but my studies are well underway. Thus, I will continue to collect data while I prepare for the new plane. 

This is where I need your help!

I need to double the 
current number of surveys
while I'm in the middle of 
my training program. 

If every person who participated in the survey will reach out to one more pilot (or more)... we could double this number overnight. 

If every person that reads this post, will share the link with a pilot they know, the same results. 

Everybody Knows a Commercial Pilot

The truth is, nobody believed that I could get 1599. They will not believe it's possible to get 4797. The reality is, I'm not doing this the pilot participants and those in the aviation community sharing the survey are making this data collection a success. Keep the emails rolling in if you have any concerns for aviation safety as I will be working those into the research (anonymous of course). 

For all of you who know the essence of this research...
Please share this Link to those who qualify:

For those of you who are new to the research: 

Whenever an accident occurs, the industry blames the pilot. However, if we continue to blame the pilot then no one needs to be accountable for necessary improvements. In 2016, the Office of the Inspector General identified that pilots lack flight skills and have problems monitoring their instruments. Incidents and safety reports have identified confusion, lack of understanding, and mode awareness issues. However, I hypothesize: 

Pilots are not to blame, 
but a larger system may be accountable. 

Photo from Mark Restorick

I am looking for commercial pilots 
to participate in a survey. 
Your name will not be taken, 
Ensuring complete anonymity!

Photo from Mark Restorick

To qualify, you must be a commercial pilot (airline, charter, corporate), with a crew compliment of at least two pilots. You may also be retired, or between jobs, if you were actively employed under the above conditions within the previous calendar year.

If you qualify, or know someone who does.
Please send them this website:

If you qualify, please click the link.
Participation should only take 10-15 minutes!   

Please Share with 
a Pilot you Know Today!


Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene


  1. You will succeed! You are An admirably strong woman and with a lot of patience and work and sacrifice to get to your goal you will get This done succesfully

    1. Thank you An!! I appreciate your support so much!!


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