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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Terror in the Sky

Amazing Video on Pilot Error

What are the causal factors of 
Pilot Error?

Automation? Training? Fatigue? Safety Culture? Distraction? 

No matter what industry you work in, there will always be outliers. Thankfully the pilot group is filled with highly intelligent professionals who care about what they are doing, and their goal is to carry you to a safe destination. But, when an industry crumbles and takes pensions, cuts training, places pilots on aircraft exceeding duty times because they established "carveouts" to avoid FAA requirements, and provides the minimum training, per FAA standards, because the bottom line, what can pilots do? Only the best they can.  We all need the tools to do our jobs. 

The industry knows what the problems include,
now we need the data to show why. 

I don't believe we should just blame the pilot. 

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and want to be part of the solution

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XO Karlene


  1. I first saw this documentary on Channel 4 in the UK a few years ago.It was frightening then & it's frightening now.As aircraft become ever more automated and computer reliant,more problems are generated.Boredom,fatigue and various other distractions are a frightening reality.T case of the aircrew both falling asleep and over-shooting Minneapolis by 100miles is shocking.But I'm afraid there is no excuse for commenting on "a plane load of homosexuals"and the fact there are no "decent chicks in Houston",is totally unacceptable

    1. John, Thank you so much for your comment. The interesting thing about the accidents they presented in this video were in my first novel... Flight For Control. Then the training and manufacturing issues... were in Flight For Safety. I think a couple of these examples would fit in Flight For Sanity, as proof of concern or lack of for mental health

      Did you know the day those pilots flew over (not 100 miles beyond as reported) the MSP airport, pilots of a similar uniform were landing on a taxiway. One group got fired the other did not. And that pilot who was broadcasting his ignorance over ATC with those comments, got charm school and is back flying. But, pilots who are fighting for safety, are being removed with accusations of mental health issues... because the airline can't fire them, but they can pay a doctor to say they are unfit. Wait until you read tomorrows post.

      But, for safety, we need to provide the tools to our pilots to be the best they can. I updated this post thanks to your comment.

      More to come on this challenge!

    2. Looking forward to it Karlene.

  2. OMG, This is disturbing to know. I knew a lot of things are wrong in the industry, but This is very bad.
    Pilots need to have excellent training and to be in excellent mental health.
    The company needs to take responsability for carrying the passengers, bringing them to their destinations.
    Pilots have to be trained sufficiently and adequately and they need to have enough rest and sleep between flights.
    Flying through timezones makes the brain confused and it takes time to adept, so 24 hour layovers are way to short.
    It might even take several days for the brain to adept to a new timezone.
    Think about what tricky things the brain can do to a person that doesn't get enough sleep for a long time.
    It takes it's toll on people driving a car for instance, let alone on pilots that fly very complex aircraft with lots and lots of different weather conditions to deal with.
    Flying is actually the safest way to get from A to B, but it is still people that fly planes and it's still people in ATC that have to get pax in in a safe way!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Yes, I, too, think that airlines need to be accountable. But... the instead, when pilots speak out about safety, many just kill the messenger. We will get this fixed!


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