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Monday, June 5, 2017

EAL Aircraft still flying

Maybe I was never employed by Eastern But... 

"My love of Eastern is right up there as you all know. 
I’ve lived Eastern for 20 years since knowing Don 
and that makes me one of you!"

"Today in August 2011, there are still four Eastern Airliners with the correct Eastern paint scheme, still flying in the USA. Most know about the DC7 based in Miami.

A few more may know about the Ford Tri-motor owned by Experimental Airplane Association, based at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum based at Reading, Pennsylvania has Eastern's original Martin 404, N450A. Capt. Warren Jamieson and I were privileged to tour through this Martin on its first outing after being restored. The Reading owners were excited to learn that Warren had been a check Captain on this very airplane.

There is a 4th plane still flying. It is Eastern's DC3, N18121. Original N number, same serial number, same Great Silver Fleet Paint job, Duckhawk on the rudder, correct passenger interior. It is a step back in time. In private hands, it is based near Portland, Oregon these days and flies to airshows around the country.

There are some other, more modern Eastern Airplanes here and there. I know about our 727-QC, which went to Federal Express after Eastern. N8153G

(renumbered for FedEx) sits at Jacksonville's Cecil Field in a FedEx paint scheme. It was donated to the aviation school based at Cecil Field and is today under the care of a school instructor and former National Airlines flight engineer. 

There are likely Eastern Airliners in other places that members of our family have knowledge. Let us know if you know the whereabouts of an airliner, whether derelict, storage, or even still flying."

Steve McDonald

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