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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Aviation Movies...

Gremlins in the Plane!

My friend Mark found the origin to the Spielberg film: GREMLINS.  Did you know that in 1943, fighter pilot Roald Dahl, was also novelist, poet, short story writer, and screen writer... as well as a pilot serving in the Royal Air Force?

At the end of the war he wrote a book called, " GREMLINS" based the story upon those pesky troublesome little creatures that would play with our aircraft, but were later talked into jumping out of the airplane to fight the Nazis, and then they were turned into mechanics.

Walt Disney bought the rights to the book, but it never got made because of confusion as to who owned the rights due to the R.A.F being involved in the making.

They did, however, in 1984 release the Gremlins that you might remember.

Before this month began, I had two ideas for movies. However, I now have a third! Animated. Which will be based on an air line... where pilots are monkeys, the chief pilot is a Baboon, and boy is it a jungle out there! Pixar... stand by!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene 

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