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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Power of Intuition

Magical Powers Turn Science

In Flight To Success, Be the Captain of Your Life, I discuss the power of fear. In order to achieve success we must find the strength to face our fears. Pushing through them builds strength. But we must also respect fear. How do you know when to respect fear, and when to fight it?

For those of us who follow your instincts, and understand the power of intuition, you get it. You understand the feelings. Those hunches when something is not quite right, and you turn and run, or select another alternative. The reality is, this power of intuition is science based. Our brains are continually being programmed through experience. Living life, reading, hearing stories of others...all this builds experience and programs the all powerful mind.

When something doesn't feel right, it probably is not. When a Flight Attendant tells you something sounds off... believe her/him. They may not know what it is, but experience is guiding those feelings. When you think something isn't right, follow that gut feeling. Learn to embrace your power of intuition, as the signals are coming from deep within your mind. Learn to honor your gift, it may save your life. 

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XOX Karlene


  1. Wow, Karlene... what a post!

    I promise I won't throw movie quotes at you, all the time,
    BUT - I've got another:

    In THIRTEEN DAYS, JFK & the military are at odds as
    to handle the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK is being
    pressured to "start shooting". In a quiet moment, the
    JFK character says [to a chief advisor]:

    "There's something immoral about ... abandoning one's

    1. I love that quote!! And I'm going to use it in my next Novel Darby has a heart to hear with her chief pilot. Oh...the plots in life thicken!
      Thank you! Keep throwing them my way!

    2. OMG!!

      Ask not what Karlene can do for me, but ask
      what I can do for Karlene!

  2. When I was younger, I used to, sometimes, think
    that fear was simply a lack of guts on my part.
    But, I now understand that it was my inner voice,
    my instincts, that was telling me:

    "Don't do it!"

    TV's best example of a show where gut feeling
    & intuition are a kind of natural genius:


    1. Dan, so true! My first chapter was to be on Focus. But dealing with Fear is so huge. Sometimes it blocks us from achieving what we want in life, and other times it's keeping us safe so we have a life.

      The fine line as what is what... that's what I tried to explain in the Fear Chapter in Flight to Success.

      Never fear, fear. Honor it when you must and slap it down when you know it's there to make you stronger. Honoring fear is not being gutless, but having strength and wisdom to know right from wrong.
      You're on the right track!!
      Thanks for the comments.


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