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"We are the protagonists of our stories called life, and there is no limit to how high we can fly."

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Aviation Inspiration and Books!

The Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show was a huge success!

Chicago's Aviation Pilot Shop,
Aviation Universe, was there in Spirit 
With the gift of Bags!

All the way from Homer Alaska
Chris Palmer 
Twitter @FlyAoAmedia

Austin was the first Sale!

108 Autographs, 
Much laughter, 
Many hugs! 

A successful debut

For the love of reading 
Make every word count!

XO Karlene  


  1. Karlene:)

    That looks like fun! And, you meet many like minded people.

    I LISTENED to one of your interviews, on this site. I like your
    style. I see that you are a student of human nature. You
    wonder about such questions as:

    How come it's the underdog who prevails, instead of the
    one we expected to succeed? Part of it is, like you say,
    the non-expert can be more careful. But, I think that the
    non-expert, by virtue of their rookie-ness, thinks outside
    of the box.

    Remember the film THE AMATEUR?

    "You're an amateur. That's the only reason you made it
    this far. If you had been a professional... you would've
    been dead by now."

    1. Dan, Thank you so much for the comment. Yes... most definitely a student of human nature!!! I'm going to have to watch that movie. Most people would think the expert lives... but that might not be the case. Never become overconfident!

  2. Karlene, I am so glad that you and Dick had a great time at this event. I love the photos and glad that "Flight To Success" had a successful debut. I am also glad that Aviation Universe was there as I am planning on visiting them very, very, soon in Chicago. As always, I wish I was there! Will speak with you, soon.

    1. Jeremy, Aviation Universe this coming Sunday!!! I will email with details. And, we're plotting a trip to Arlington Park on opening day!

    2. Yes, please do email details. If I don't make it this Sunday, please come back on May 3rd! I will be there, God willing!!!

    3. This weekend has been edited! But... May 3rd is a go!!! Looking forward to seeing you!!

  3. You left out that strange guy coming by to tell you he was thinking about you the other night. And not in that way. It was nice to meet your husband too!

    1. Roger, Oh...Thank you for the morning laugh! Next year I will take pictures of all the people who made me laugh and write down what they said. A must!!


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