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Friday, September 26, 2014

Troy Techau

Friday's Fabulous Flyer

Troy Techau

So there I was in my first week of ERAU with an outstanding group of people and one of the students said, "I wrote a book too." And what a book he wrote. But I can't tell you about that yet because you have to meet the man behind the creation first.

Front of the Class (almost)

Troy may look like any other student, but he's a super dad, entrepreneur and all around great guy, with an impressive background. I would have dug deeper with stories... but he would have to kill me if he told me. He provided human intelligence and counterintelligence support to the Department of Defense as a career Army officer, and served in over 60 countries around the world during his career.

Transitioning to industry, Troy specializes in developing strategies to implement advanced technologies to improve operational processes. He held senior positions in several technology companies, and is currently providing consulting services through his own firm, Windrose Aviation.
Troy earned an M.S. in International Management from Troy State University, and plans to focus his research on extending current practices in safety and human factors to civil and commercial operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

Now, on the other side of life... 

Troy is a new Dad, and plans on staying at home with his little one "Piper" while he is working toward his PhD., consulting and flying. He takes little Piper flying and while she is only a few months old, she will soon be soloing I'm sure. Off the new baby and to the other, his book....

Troy created a logbook!  
But not just any logbook....

Aircraft Flight / Maintenance Status Logbook

Inspiration comes from Necessity:
"This book was the product of my searching for a logbook to record all the things that we need to keep track of as aircraft owner’s and pilots in command. For example, without carrying a maintenance logbook, which is normally best left in the hangar, do most pilots know when an oil change is due? Or when the last VOR check was conducted?

In my search for a suitable logbook, I found that many of the pilots I fly with had the same frustration, and most had a ratty notebook in the cockpit with them to jot things down. I created a section for maintenance items, and also copied the FAR that talks about owner/pilot maintenance.

Instead of just providing a place to write down the origin and destination of a flight, I created a space in the Flight Record so that the pilot could note the fuel needed, available, and reserve that should be available on the planned flight ahead. As Fuel Starvation remains a killer, I thought any little help for a pilot to think about that subject would be useful."

You can get your own Aircraft Flight / Maintenance Status Logbook at Aircraft Spruce and PilotMall!

Enjoy the journey and keep a record!
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!

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