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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I Lost My Medical!

What do I do now? 


One of the greatest fears a pilots may face is the loss of a medical certificate.

We spend thousands of dollars, time, energy and effort into living a dream of becoming a pilot. When our medical is taken, our world falls apart. But it doesn't have to.

Captain Jerry Ward was paralyzed while swimming on a layover...his life changed, but by no means is over. Ian Weaver, a fighter pilot who crashed, lived to conquer life. Rick Watson shares his story of one man's struggle by finding life in Sport Aircraft... never giving up his passion. Jessica Cox was born without arms and learned to fly.  Janine Shepherd began flying because she could not walk. By clicking on each of those names you will see the power of inspiration in flight.


This month with the Blogging In Formation team, Andrew Hartley is up. He took this month to share his story of recently losing his medical. But what is so incredible about this story, is he did not have to. While he had medical issues, they could have been dealt with. 


Andrew, like all of us, didn't believe it could happen to him. He wrote a powerful story about what happened, what he did wrong, and what he could have done differently. 

Your good health is about being proactive. Take care of yourself. And read Andrew's story. Take with you the lessons of what you can do for your future. This goes beyond being a pilot. This is all about being proactive with your health. Click the title below to read Andrew's story.:

Enjoy the Journey and stay healthy for it!
XO Karlene 

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  1. What's your opinion on the expansion of the 3rd Class medical (for private pilots) to no longer require anything more than a valid driver license to show fitness for flight?

    1. I had not heard about this... I'm going to think about it. On first note I would say if you can drive you should be able to fly. Why not? I think you can do more damage on the ground to others if you had something that would cause you to take your car out... than in the air. I don't think Epileptics or anyone with grand mal seizures can drive... so that would be the concerning issue in the air. I just awoke on the otherside of the world... so still a little groggy.

  2. Ho, wait, hold on there! Did You really lose your medical, or are you just trying to give all of your fans a heart attack?

    1. Yep...the latter part of the question. It's all about seniority baby! lol. Seriously... just writing about Andrew. But that is kind of heart jolting. I kind of feel like I have a concussion, however. Tried to put an overhead dial into my head two days ago. Still quite sore. But no blood. :)


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