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Friday, August 29, 2014

Pierre de Fermor

The Heart of Aviationclub International 

 Pierre de Fermor

Please welcome Pierre as he share his heart and passion for aviation through his Aviationclub:

Aviationclub is a unique private association gathering individuals who are involved in and/or passionate about aviation, headquartered in the Principality of Monaco. Our website has taken off in April 2009, in order to create, and gather under one flag, a vibrant nation of aviation enthusiasts, pilots both commercial or private, licensed or learning, or soon to be, all fans of the Wild Blue.

1000th member: December 2009 
3000th member: December 2011 
6000th member: December 2013

Aviationclub has just registered its 8000th associate and is now heading towards its 9000th member! 

The Wild Blue: A myth long dreamt, that men made true, when the wings which they engineered one day with passion opened for them, and those to follow, the infinite skies and the never ending space behind.

Flying: A pure and lasting feeling of absolute freedom, of ethereal power over the elements, of simple joy.
An assembly of knights, proud people who share their common love for aviation, this is actually Aviationclub, an already existing and fast growing international organization which develops over the five continents, thanks to a team of devoted enthusiasts.

Target market (primary)  
  • Pilots
  • Professional pilots 
  • Flight crew 
  • Individuals fascinated by aviation
Target market (secondary)
  • Aero-clubs worldwide
  • Airlines willing to offer a communication platform to their employees

What does Aviationclub offer?
  • Immediate benefit and gratification for people who subscribe through fast going and easy online registration.
  • A private social network assembling a vibrant community sharing a common passion.  
  • An aviation Library assembling newspaper articles (editorials, interviews, reports, analyses, etc.) as well as books, photos, videos and films on Aviation. 
  • A live forum to exchange flying experiences, upload or download photos, videos and articles on aviation, constitute and consolidate a solid aviation network. 
  • A blog with a monthly tribune on the world of Aviation. 
  • Local gatherings / get together. 
  • Recruitment and job search services in the aviation industry.

What Aviationclub will also offer in the future?
  • A directory of aero-clubs worldwide with direct links and a communication platform for all aero-clubs worldwide.
  • Flight swapping: An updated list of aircraft made available by our members for shared flights with other members, as well as a database for shared flights on non owned aircraft.
  • Through aero-clubs : vouchers for discovery flights
  • Links with humanitarian organizations such as The Red Cross, Flying Doctors, Peace & Sport, etc. allowing them to search & find pilots willing to participate to various missions established in observation to applying Rules and Settlements.
  • An Aviationclub TV Channel to be broadcast on the Internet, offering net viewers a continuous choice of images, films, documentaries, scientific and commercial information, etc., all in direct relation with the world of aviation.

How is Aviationclub functioning?
  • Touch emotions and senses, build an active community where people feel at home, in a global family.
  • Build a social network platform impressively designed as well as fast and easy to use, attracting members from all continents willing to discover, explore or simply keep on flying through the world of Aviation.
  • Bring in the best aviation services already existing on the Web and utilize them within Aviationclub.
  • Act as a main marketplace and entry platform for all aviation related matters.

Supporting membership:

1. GOLD WINGS members with a unique payment of Eur 100.

2. SILVER WINGS members with a unique payment of Eur 25.

3. BLUE WINGS Free membership is offered to all visitors of our website joining our community of aviation fans.


We are developing sponsorship, and shall strictly limit our sponsors to five max.

Each sponsor is to contribute for a yearly amount of Eur 25 000, allowing him to have his logo on each page of our website, as well as being displayed during all and any events that we shall participate to.

Our first founding sponsor is the famous watchmaker Breitling, strongly established since 1884 as the luxury watch provider for the aviation.

We ideally search for four additional sponsors.

Aviationclub International participates yearly to various air shows in the World, such as Cannes Air Show, Abu Dhabi Air Expo, etc.

Please contact for more information. 

I'm a member and amazed at the number of aviators under one roof. This site is well done, and easy to use. As soon as I can carve more time out of my life, I will be spending more time there too.

Pierre, Thanks for creating an International base for aviators to come home too!

Enjoy the Journey!
XO Karlene

Author of Flight For Control and Flight For Safety,
If you haven't read's time!


  1. Hi Karlene. Thanks for the fun link. This gentleman and his site have a great deal to offer.
    And, yes, Congratulations!!! on starting your PhD program. Can you remember when you were worried about being admitted? Piece 'o cake. Now, you've got some work to do. Your work has already contributed to increased safety and, in time, your emphasis on Human Factors will make everyone that much safer. Thank you!! and Best wishes, - Craig

    1. You are welcome Craig! And thank you so much. Perhaps the concern and effort that come because of is what makes it all work? Not sure. But I will do my best. Thank you so much!!

  2. I am really honored to be featured on your great blog dear Karlene: Thanks a lot!

    1. Thank you so much much Pierre! I really appreciate you being here and your site has so much to offer too!


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