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Saturday, January 21, 2012


EMB190 Captains - $15,000 USD/month + overtime + annual bonus

Earn $15,000 USD/month + overtime based on 80 hours per month. Earn an additional $150 USD per every hour flown over 80. VOR Holdings will also pay you $8,000 USD at the end of your 1st year, $12,000 USD at the end of your 2nd year, and $15,000 USD at the end of your 3rd year. Your total compensation for three years is $575,000 USD+. After completing your three year contract, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to the A320 aircraft at the airline's expense.

You have the option of working a 6 weeks ON, 3 weeks OFF or 6 weeks ON, 2 weeks OFF + 24 days of additional leave per year schedule.

Interview in Charlotte, Phoenix, Chicago or Beijing.

If you are interested, send an email to


Peggy Li
Manager of Recruiting

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